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Are you tired of diet plans nutritionist advice that doesn’t work? Well, your search for the right one is over!

At one time, dietitians were only required for people who have had a surgery or a disease. For example, people who experienced heart attacks or had survived one were advised to consult a dietitian. More often than not, hospitals provided the dietitians themselves. The dietitian prepared a diet chart, which was given to the patient as and when he or she was discharged. This was the scenario in the year 2000.

Now as we are nearing 2017, the word dietitian has become as common as the word diet. Thanks to books and newspapers, everybody is aware of dietitians’ .Now, dietitians are just a call away. Nobody needs to get a disease or a disorder for consulting them.

One of the prominent names in the industry is Dr. Nidhi Chaudhry. She is practicing clinical nutritionist, consultant as well as an entrepreneur who holds expertise in female metabolism- irrespective of age and profession. She is a freelance; Delhi-based nutritionist & dietician who deals with various issues. She is termed as “Magician” by her clients, who follow her religiously and have helped her to build and maintain her reputation. Her biggest target achieved was shedding 49kgs in just nine months
Being a nutritionist, she doesn’t suggest you any pills or shakes for your body rather guide you to eat healthily. She is a firm believer that no one can stay fit by going against nature or by dieting.
As a nutritionist, she believes in understanding her patients life style issues to the core and develop crucial insights into it.

She is a mother of two beautiful daughters and is coping up with the household tasks, which has been in the field over four years now with 1500+ successful stories to be narrated.

Dr. Nidhi Chaudhary started her venture “Kurves & Kontours” and there has been no looking back after her set up from many years. She has given long lasting weight loss solution without any fad diet and no invasive surgery. The area of expertise she coves is.

The area of expertise she coves is.

Childhood Obesity

Lifestyle & Weight Management




Post Baby Weight Loss.

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