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An Awesome Experience At The Session Presented By Dr. Nidhi, Being One Of The Finalists Of Mrs. India Pride Of Nation 2018, I Loved Every Bit Of Tips And Talks She Did For All Of Us .. Thanks

Tanya Dhiman Luhadia

I would like to extend my big thanks to my friend and my coach(post pregnancy)! Thanks Nidhi for guiding me achieving my goal. Post pregnancy weight reduction is a biggest challenge with most women. But with your diet program it was really easy even with my busy schedule with a little baby and back to work! Within 2 weeks I started getting comments/compliment on my baby fat loss! I started with 64 kgs and achieved 55 kgs within 2-3 months span and continue to maintain 54/55 kgs since last year December! Few pounds shedding weight means a lot to carry out confidence & energy with in you!

Thanks Nidhi for helping me and several other women to help achieve confidence within themselves! And forgot to mention that even with a difference of day & night(India-Canada), you replied ASAP to all my inquiries! Way to go girl! Love you

Ruchi Bali

I have always been an overweight girl but always in love with myself to let it affect me. Post marriage I matured enough to understand that losing weight is not just to look good but to achieve good nutrition and be healthy from inside. When marital bliss made me more than overweight within a year of marriage , I decided to take action. Dr Nidhi whom I now fondly call didi came to my rescue and in 6 months I was 18-19 Kilos down. I still have not reached my target but what I learned was the right way to eat , and lead life all thanks to her. She made me understand combinations and the key to losing weight is a science that does not involve “Not eating” but eating the right things at the right time.I am sure I would have lost more if I had exercised as much as she advised me to. But after a break of 4 months uptil 5 may , I am going to get back to my regime with proper exercise and Im confident that by next winters I will be looking my ever best all thanks to her !

I thank god for bringing her in my life as a nutritionist , confidant , friend , and guiding force. I am truly inspired by her and want to be like her someday.

Sahiba Singh Dhupar

I got to know of Nidhi through a friend 8 months back. At the time I was 9 kgs overweight. For a person who is short, it looked and felt more than 9 kgs. Never being overweight in my life, it was very discomforting and ugly to me.

I found Nidhi to be extremely patient. She enquired what the goal was. She is a lady who I found to be very different from a typical Delhi business woman – a rare quality in Delhi.

She is the only professional I have come across in a long time who did not bother about the payment or advance but just concentrated on the person’s requirement instead.

God bless her. She extends help even when you are no longer her client so to speak, never denying you consultation and advice.

Veissali Kapoor

For me kurves and kontours is a blessing .Being a lactating mother crash diets are a big no . I ve lost 9kgs in 3 mnths only through healthy eating & dieting has never been so simple .Thanks

Mukti Sharma

Hi Nidhi! So it took me almost 7 8 months to come down from 80 to 69.6! Now I am stable but you know what is the best thing.. I am maintaining this since 5 months almost with 200-300gms up down! The day I put on I know how to and what to do.. I guess that’s the best thing when you know how to detox yourself.. and it’s just not difficult.. I enjoy cheat days too because I know what to do next!
That ways you have done a great job! Thank you

Medha Tyagi

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